Netball Hutt Valley Life Members

​​​​​​​1954: Mrs Kath Baldwin (Deceased)

Kath was President from 1939-1947.  She was one of the members who worked hard and had a vision that Hutt Valley would own their own courts in later years.

1954: Mrs Betty Blair (Deceased)

Betty was a member of Hutt valley since the early thirties.  Betty has held the positions of Secretary, Treasurer and President throughout the years.  She was also an Umpire, a Hutt Valley Rep Player, coach and manager.

1960: Mr Bob O'Sullivan (Deceased)

Bob was President for four years.  He was a tireless worker for Hutt Valley being one of the main instigators for the land, building and courts.  Bob held positions of Coach, Umpire and Executive Member throughout the many years of his time with Netball.

1960: Mrs Gladys Hall (Deceased)

Gladys was involved in the Umpiring side of netball.  She spent many long hours coaching young umpires.  She was one of the first to be awarded the NZ Badge for Umpiring.  This badge was the highest an umpire could achieve.  She also worked for the Executive but her lover of umpiring benefited many throughout her long years of service.

1964: Mrs Ivy Ryan

Ivy was President for NHV for three years, during this time NHV saw the courts and pavillion erected.  Ivy was a tireless worker organising the furnishing of the pavillion and many other projects.  She was a foundation member of Claremont Netball Club.  She held many positions throughout her netball career and was also a manager for many Representative Teams.

1977: Miss Annette Taylor (now Mrs McDowell)

Annette was President of NHV for a long period.  She was a member of the Eastbourne Club and played for them when the club transferred from Wellington to Lower Hutt.  She was fully involved in the building of our courts and pavillion.  Annette was the worker behind the scenes for the establishment of the six extra courts, she worked alongside the Council to obtain the land.  She was also a NZ qualified Umpire, a HV Rep Player, Manager and Coach.

1984: Mrs Margaret Pierson (Deceased)

Margaret was the Secretary of the HV Union from 1971-1983.  She was an Executive Member from 1953-1984.  She was also one of the workers involved in the establishment of the courts and pavillion and later the extra six courts.  She was a member of the Eastbourne Club, she was a Rep player, coached Naenae College and High School Old Girls, she was a Senior Umpire and was also the coach of the HV Minor Team for many years guiding many young players to a higher level.

1984: Mrs Lorraine Duffy (Deceased)

Lorraine was President for the Union for 17 years.  Her career started in 1949 when she became a player umpire.  She progressed to be a NZ International Umpire having this award endorsed 5 times.  She was a foundation member of the Hutt Vall Minor Association holding the position of sectretary for 10 years.  Lorraine retired from the Executive in 1992.  She has coached Sacred Heart College Teams for 19 years.  During her time as President she was also the fixture secretary for over 10 years.  She has also held the positions of Secretary and President of the Umpires Association.

1985: Mrs Margaret O'Sullivan (Deceased)

Margaret was an Executive member, Vice President and Convent Old Girls representative for many years serving in the capacity of travel booking officer for the rep teams.  She was also a HV Rep player, coach and manager.

1995: Mrs Pam Harrison (Deceased)

Pam was an Executive member for many years also holding the position of Vice-President during her time on the Executive.  She was a NZ Umpire and a NZ International Umpire and also progressed on to be a NZ Examiner for the NZ Netball Assn.  Pam was Secretary and Treasurer of the Umpires Assn for many years.

2003: Mrs Joanne Paora

Joanne has been a member of NHV for over 40 years, she commenced playing in the 60's.  She has represented HV in Age Groups and Top Grade netball.  She is still coaching and managing teams.  She has been a member of the Executive since 1974 with only 3 years of breaks over this period and retired as the Centre's Netball Development Officer in September 2015.

2006: Mrs Suzzanne Driscoll

Suzzane was a member of NHV for over 35 years.  An Executive member from the early 80's, registration secretary for 11 years, President 1991-2003.  She was a selector, coach, manager, uniform officer, vice-president as well as a Regional Umpire and both President and Secretary for the Umpires Association.

2007: Mrs Sue Hare

Sue has performed many roles for NHV in her voluntary capacity for over 30 years, Executive member in 1991, Treasurer 1992-1995, fixture secretary, Treasurer 2000-2015.  Treasurer for the HV Umpires Association, Draw Steward as well as being an Executive Member.  She "mans" the registratiion office every Saturday and has done for many years.

2008: Mrs Rita Barker - deceased 2023

Rita 's involvement with NHV dates back to 1948 as a player, she has been a Rep Team Player in 1948.  She has been a coach, manager and committee member of both Convent Old Girls and the HV Executive.  She was a recipient of the LH City Council Civic Award in 1978.  Rita was also awarded a HV Umpires Service Award in 1985.

2009: Mrs Wendy College - deceased 2023

Wendy was an Executive Member for a total of 21 years.  Manager for 2004 Rep team and Wellington Rep Team 2006.  Committee member and team manager for Manaroa Netball Club.  Coach for Naenae Collegians Netball Club. Also Assistant coach, coach and manager for various School teams.  Wendy also maintained her Regional Umpire standing from 2001-2005.

2013: Mrs Tasi Betteridge

Tasi has been involved at HVN since her school playing days in the 1960's.  Her guidance and work ethic have helped HVN to become one of the most efficient Centre's in NZ.  She has held positions as President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Coach Umpire and mentor to officials and players over this time.  Currently NHV Patron (2021-present)

2016: Lynette Imrie 

Lynette represented NHV at a Senior representative level for many years.  Later in her playing career she moved into coaching and has volunatarily coached representative teams at all levels from Year 7 to Open teams .and has also coached Regional Open and age group teams. She has helped many players and coaches to improve their netball skills.  She has helped coach and develop the Fun Ferns in school programme and now the futureFERNS programme.  She is received her Service Award from NHV in 2008.  

2020: Kora (Piwi) Pene

Piwi's involvement with NHV started in 1989 as coach of Arahi Netball, from 1999 Piwi has been an active member of the Umpire's Group, including being a representative team umpire. He has been a member of the NHV Excutive since 2007 and is a nationally accrediated Bench Official, having officiated at many Central Pulse and International games. Piwi has continually worked behind the scenes for the benefit of others and has given exemplary service to Netball Hutt Valley for many years.

​​​​​​​2021: Genny Jarvis

Genny has been an active and enthusiastic member of Upper Hutt Maidestone United for over 30 years and on the Hutt Valley Executive since 2000, she was Vice President for 3 years, President for 5 years (2011-15) and is currently Treasurer (2016-present).  She was awarded a NHV Service Award in 2014, Genny has been a passionate and tireless in her commitment to both UH Maidstone United and Netball Hutt Valley.

2022: Barbara Bialy

Barbara (Barb) Bialy is passionate about netball from volunteering through to coaching over the last 40 years.  She founded Collegians then helped intergrate Collegians with Naenae United. She has also coached college, club and representative teams (NPC & NWR) and holds a NNZ Level 3 coaching certificate.  Barbara also held a NZ Umpires Badge.  She has had numerous years on the NHV Exectutive and is currently President (2021-present) and has also made a significant, long standing contribution to HV Seconday Schools, of which she is also currently Chair (2000-present).  ​​​​​​​

NHV Service Awards


Mrs Betty Blair (D)

Mrs Lorraine Duffy (D)

Mrs Margaret O’Sullivan (D)

Mrs Margaret Pierson (D)

Mrs Annette Taylor

Mr Bob O’Sullivan (D)


Mrs Rita Barker (D 2023)


Mrs Di Foley

Mrs Chris MacKinnon


Mrs Pam Harrison (D)


Mrs Terry Cataldo


Mrs Joanne Paora

Mrs Pat Mitchell


Jean McGrath


Mrs Suzanne Driscoll


Mrs Wendy Colledge (D 2023)

Mrs Susan Hare

Mrs Wiki Morehu


Mrs Huia Brown (D 2016)

Mrs Donna Walkinshaw


Lynette Imrie

Tasi Betteridge


Wendy Osborne

Sue Bentley

Carol Cody

Sandy Wallace


Anita Mooney


Genny Jarvis

Kora (Piwi) Pene


Pam Dilnott

Glenda Flaws


Karen McLoy

Phillipa Whitney

Tracy Broe


Barbara Bialy

Chris Williams

Karen Sagaga


Tania Heteraka

​​​​​​​Melissa Kainamu-Karawana


Shani Nelson


Janette Va'aitoa


Emily Sua-Dunn