futureFERNS and Balance is Better

Balance is Better Philosophy supporting the delivery of junior netball in the Hutt Valley

All adults contribute to the development, and enjoyment of our young peoples experiences when engaging in sport. Be it through coaching, officiating, administrating, and supporting. Keep this in mind next time you attend a training or game. An attitudinal change is led by parents, spectators, and supporters of young people and will be reflected by our participants. 

Keep the below principles in mind when supporting players throughout their sporting experiences. 

  • Childhood success is not a predictor of future success. How we support participants to learn from our setbacks is key to keeping them in the game longer. 
  • Identifying athletes early and specialising athletes early is taking its toll on our young people. Encourage players to give things a go, learn and develop and use the skills gained to support other sporting engagements. 
  • A focus on winning rather than development is a problem for young people, because it can have unintended consequences on their wellbeing and affect their motivation to take part. We all love to win, but at what cost? Keep the focus on enjoyment and development and the success will come in other ways and encourage more players to stay in the game longer. 

Parents, supporters, and young people can learn life skills through engaging in sport. Sport helps to build resilience, sportsmanship, and team player characteristics. It also helps us to learn how to regulate emotions, move our body, develop friendships, and supports our well-being. 

Netball Hutt Valley has zero tolerance to sports rage and poor behaviours exhibited at our facility. If there is ever a time that you feel something is not right, please approach one of our staff members in the NHV office at the time of the incident, particularly whilst a game is in play. It is better to mitigate issues at the time then try to deal with an instance retrospectively. 

Year 1 - 8 futureFERNS Programme

Why have the rules, games, and equipment been modified?

  • To suit the age, size, and ability of children as they grow and develop.
  • ANZ futureFERNS aims to provide a fun and safe environment, whilst maximising opportunities to participate.
  • The programme encourages the development of skills, and provides a progressive introduction to netball.

Getting involved

  • Boys and girls can play futureFERNS netball from year 1 onwards. 
  • Schools can enter teams, or individuals in year 1 & 2 can register if the school they attend is not entering a team. 
  • No previous experience as a coach is required as you will be supported along your coaching journey and develop alongside the participants.
  • Umpires can be provided support from the Hutt Valley Netball Umpires Association to aid in their development of officiating netball. 

For more on the futureFERNS programme and delivery of junior netball please visit the links below: