Player Development Programme (PDP)

About PDP

futureFERNS is Netball New Zealand’s (NNZ) official junior Netball Programme for Year 1 to 8. As an extension to this programme, NNZ has developed the Year 7 & 8 Player Development Programme (PDP).

For Year 7 & 8 players, PDP has been developed to replace the representative programme previously offered. PDP provides more opportunities for players to develop and extend their technical, tactical and athlete development skills, while also encouraging a broader talent pool and continuing to engage players.

Netball Hutt Valley began by offering PDP to Year 7 players in 2018.  

PDP at Netball Hutt Valley

Netball Hutt Valley deliver the Netball NZ programme at our centre as an extension for players in Year 7 & 8. 

Players nominated should have a solid grasp on netball skills and ready for further development, size and height is not a factor that contributes to this. Participants must be good listeners, happy to work with other players, and be reliable in attendance. 

Coaches will be looking at players ability to execute basic skills to a good standard, such as turning on the ball, passing into space, body balance, landing on the correct foot, footwork, energy levels & attitude. 

Selection (or non-selection) at this age is not an indicator of future netball success.  In this age group, there is a lot of development each year and how they go at our skill asssement is just a snapshot in time rather than an indication of their future success in Netball.  The skill assessment night is an opportunity for players to learn and enjoy playing alongside keen netballers from other schools.


If you are interested to get involved in coaching please get in touch via email: NHV invites coaches in the intermediate/secondary school space to attend the sessions as an observer or supporting coach. 

Player eligibility 

  • Year 7 PDP players must be in Year 7 during the 2024 school year. Players must also be registered to a NHV affliate (Club/School). 
  • Year 8 PDP players must be in Year 8 during the 2024 school year. Players must also be registered to a NHV affliate (Club/School). 

Skills Assessment

  • Participants will be required to attend the Skills Assessment session prior to taking part in the PDP programme. 
  • The skills assessment will consist of up to four stations of netball movement skills. Players must demonstrate sound knowledge and ability to perform these movement skills to progress to the PDP programme. 
  • Parents/ participants please understand attendance at the skills assesment day does not automatically mean participants may carry on to PDP development sessions. 


In special circumstances a dispensation may be granted provided a valid reason has been given for why a player may miss the skills assesment. If seeking dispensation please email with your valid reason outlined in the email. Dispensations will be granted at the discretion of the CDO and PDP panel. 

Squad/Team Development Sessions

Participants & parents please be aware that attendance at the assessment day does not automatically qualify participants to continue through to the development sessions. We do our best to take as many participants as we can, however need to ensure participants are capable & ready for extension. We rely heavily on volunteer coaches to support the delivery of this programme, so if we do not have enough competent coaches we cannot take a high volume of participants. We also have to be weary of our venue capacity.

A squad of 40 - 50 players will progresss to the development sessions. The group size is dependent on available volunteer coaches and venue capacity. Particpants/Non-Participants will be notified via email. A list of participants will then be posted on our website/social media. 

Once named in a squad/team players will be liable for full payment. If you withdraw after the squad announcement you will be charged the full amount.

Development Session

Sessions will be held for up to two hours. If you cannot make a session it is expected you notify the Community Development Officer ( at the earliest time possible. 

Festival Day

Players must be available to attend the festival day. If you are unable to attend the one-off festival day please advise as soon as possibe to aid in our planning. 


  • $45 per person. 
  • All players will receive a t-shirt to keep

Year 8 Programme Content 2024

The Year 8 squad theme is POSSESION, with these topics covered:

  • Vision
  • Retention
  • Finding space
  • Creating turnover

Dates Players required to be available

Skills assessmentFriday 10 May 20246pm - 8pmWalter Nash Centre
Session oneSunday 19 May 20249am - 11amTaita Netball Courts
Session twoSunday 26 May 20241pm - 3pmTaita Netball Courts
Session threeFriday 7 June 20246pm - 8pmWalter Nash Centre
Festival DaySunday 16 June 20248.30am - 1.30pmTaita Netball Centre

​​​​​​​Year 7 Programme Content 2024

The Year 7 squad theme is SPACE, with these topics covered:

  • Creating space
  • Passing in to space
  • Defending space/Denying space

Dates Players required to be available

Skills assessmentFriday 21 June 20246pm - 8pmWalter Nash Centre
Session oneSunday 30 June 20241pm - 3pmTaita Netball Courts
Session twoSunday 21 July 20241pm - 3pmTaita Netball Courts
Session threeFriday 26 July 20246pm - 8pmWalter Nash Centre
Festival DaySunday 4 August 20248.30am - 1.30pmTaita Netball Centre

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