Netball Smart 

​​​​​​​NetballSmart is the official injury prevention programme of Netball New Zealand

NetballSmart is more than just a warm up!  It is important that coaches of players at all levels understand and use NetballSmart activities with their players,  not only to reduce injury risk, but also to improve player performance.

Netball Central Zone's NetballSmart Development Officer (Carla) is available to visit your school/club and will also take workshops at our Centre. Intermediate teams attending AIMS games are also able to book time to help prepare for this event.

The most commonly used resources at our centre have been linked along the side (warm up, landing skills, parent/player, umpire, and the newly development Smart Health resources). 

​​​​​​​Netball Injuries

Netball players require a high degree of movement competency, skill and physical capability to cope with the movement patterns that are repeatedly used throughout a game.

Due to the nature of the game - explosive, powerful movements, repeated landings and the restrictive nature of the footwork rules - Netball has a high inherent injury risk.

  • Female athletes have at least 3.5 times the risk of sustaining a non-contact ACL injury compared with males.  Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries are devastating knee injuries that occur in sports such as Netball. This injury will put an athlete out of sport and Netball for up to a year, with some players never returning to the game.
  • in 2016, 48% of all netball injuries occurred at the Intermediate and Secondary School age group
  • Post-adolescence, females change their landing strategies and are more likely to have risky landing patterns.  This is associated with an increased ACL injury risk
  • Knee injuries are the most serious netball injuries, with higher surgical repair rates
  • Ankle injuries are the most common and recurrent netball injuries. 50% of the ankle sprain population will re-sprain within 24 months.