Registration information & league dates can be found under the "Competition Information" tab.

Here are some commonly asked questions that we hope to answer below. 


How do I register to play?

FutureFERNS participants: registrations will be taken directly by your school. Your parent/caregiver will need to complete the Sporty Registration form which can be found here (please select the correct school form). This provides us with the correct player information, and assures us that participants agree to the NHV code of conduct, and photography being taken, it is also a NNZ affliation non-negotiable that all registered players complete their individual forms, or have a parent/caregiver complete on their behalf. 

Individual Players: if your school does not currently offer netball and you are keen to get involved please email to discuss your options. 

Can we tape earrings?No! Jewellery/adornments may not be worn for any age group at Netball with the exception of a wedding band and/or medic alert (if worn, must be taped to the body).  Taping earrings will not stop them getting ripped out and causing a permanent scar.  Please remind your players that the netball season is NOT a good time to get ears pierced, unless they are OK to remove them for game time each week.
Can I have long nails?

Fingernails need to be short and smooth.  There are clippers attached to the office bench if needed.  Hair needs to be tied back.

For Year 1-4, coaches are responsible for checking players before they play.  In Year 5+ there are umpires, and they will check all players prior to the game (please also pre-check them to speed this up).

Help! We are short of players

Years 1-4 - don't panic, just turn up with the players you do have.  As we run the first part of the session in groups, our coordinators will be able to help fix up teams before game time so that all keen kids are involved.  There are no defaults in this age group, even if you have only a couple of kids just bring them along.

Years 5-8 - there are several options:

  • If you have 5 players you can still play the game (Year 5-6 leave out one x C, Year 7-8 leave out the WA/WD).
  • Register extra player/s to your team. Ask your school coordinator and email us their details before the game
  • If your school has several teams you may be able to borrow a player from a lower graded team to fill in for you.  Ask your school coordinator.  Make sure you note  this in the comments section on the app (any players playing up a team).  Players can play up twice, if they play up a third time they need to stay up.
  • Ask us to check with your opposition if they have spare players.  In Year 7-8, you can choose to play the game as a 'friendly' ie the other team takes the points for that match, but you play the game so that the kids don't miss out.  You could also borrow players from a higher team and play a friendly.
  • Last resort is to default.   There are fees for defaults, and higher fees for late defaults.  If you have to default, please ensure you phone and speak to someone at our office.  It is not OK to leave a message or email as it may not be seen in time. 
Can I take photos or videos?Photos and videos can only be taken if you ask permission from the other team and umpire first.  If you want to be able to share any images/recordings online you need to seek further permission.  It is the right of the other team to refuse their consent, so please be understanding.  
Where can we stand to watch the game?Please stay off the goal lines of the court.   Be aware of leaving space for umpires to move along the sideline (umpires move to their right, so perhaps stay to the left end of your sideline, but leave them clear vision of the entire sideline).  Stay in one spot - no pacing the sidelines nor following the play.  Encourage your supporters to stay in one area for the game, your team 'bench' area.  Keep an eye on (spectator) children to ensure they stay off the courts.  On game days, no scooters/wheeled toys are allowed at the courts. No courtside seats/benches are permitted.
Will netball be cancelled today?

Firstly - games inside the Walter Nash Centre on Mondays are never cancelled!  Court numbers for indoor games start with 'WNC'.

As Netball is a winter sport, we can expect to get wet and cold from time to time.  Make sure on a wet day that your players bring a change of clothes/towel.  The cafe area in the Pavilion building is availble for supporters to use.  

If the weather is not great, for Year 1-4 netball we may adapt sessions by cutting down the skill activities, and/or changing the length of the games.  Just bring the players that are keen.

If there is a combination of weather factors such as gale wind combined with rain, or extremely low temperatures, then postponements will be announced via our facebook page by 8am for Saturdays, and 2pm for Mondays.  On Saturdays, we may postpone part days.  If there is no message posted, then netball is on.  Decisions won't usually be announced any earlier as we want to use the most up-to-date forecasts possible.

Do you have ice?Yes, there is ice available, ask at the office or (for WNC) the courtside registration desk.  Teams should have their own first aid kit with plasters etc.
Do we get player of the day certificates?Most seasons we have POD certificates to give to teams.  We recommend that you save these for the main rounds (not grading) so that you have enough for each week. 
Which teams go to prizegiving?

All Year 5-6 teams attend Junior Prizegiving.  We'll let you know the time for your group closer to the event.  We keep things moving pretty quickly, so you'll not need to be there too long :-)

Year 7-8 team grade winners (or first equal on points) in Round One and/or Round Two will receive an award at prizegiving. 

Year 1 to 4 there is no formal prizegiving event. Teams are more than welcome to have their own prizegivings at the completion of the programme.

Game Specific 

How long does netball run for?

Year 1 & 2 programme lasts for up to 45 minutes & includes warm up, skills & game (2x 8 minute halves). Teams need to be ready to go at the game time (warm up is included in the time allocated). 

Year 3&4 programme lasts for up to 55 minutes & includes warm up, skills & game (3x 8 minute thirds). Teams need to be ready to go at the game time (warm up is included in the time allocated). 

Year 5&6 games are 4x 8 minute quarters. Teams will need to arrive ahead of the game time to warm up.

Year 7&8 games are 4x10 minute quarters. Teams will need to arrive ahead of the game time to warm up.

Can we use rolling subs?Yes, rolling subs may be made in all junior age groups.  Try and switch players when the action is at the other end of the court.  The game will not stop for you to swap players.  In Year 1-4 when the coach is on court, please use another supporter to manage your substitutions.
How many boys are allowed on the court?There are no restrictions for boys in Years 1-6.  For Year 7-8, our Centre has a limit of 3 boys per team, with up to two boys on court at any one time.  The two boys may not play in the same shooting circle - so you could have a GA and C (for example), but not a GD and GK.  
Do we need to register our team on game day?

For Year 1-4 there is no card to collect from the office, just head straight to your skill court and meet your coordinator.

Year 5-6 collect a pink match card from the office, and complete a match evaluation after the game.  Let us know if one team was much stronger than the other, or were they pretty similar at getting the ball through court.  Extra comments are welcome to help us with grading the teams.

Year 7-8 teams need to report to the office so we know all teams are ready to take the court at the start of the round. Scoring is completed via My Netball Manager app, so make sure you have downloaded this before arriving at the courts and seek your scorer code from your team coach/manager or school coordinator. 

Do we take score?Only Year 7-8 take a score.  Make sure your scorer stands next to the other team's scorer for the whole game, to ensure the app score is recorded correctly (green on both screens). 
Where do I find an umpire?

Year 1-4 teams have their helper/coach on court at game time (no whistle) to support the teams and ensure games are played within the rules.

Year 5-8 teams need to provide their own umpire.  Coaches can umpire in junior age groups as long as they don't coach during the playing quarters.  More information about umpires is HERE

What do I do if we have an issue?

Any issues should be raised with the NHV game office immediately to find a resolution. Umpire support can be found in the umpires room in the pavilion. 

Any complaints need to be made in writing no longer than 48 hours after the game has ended. NHV willl only accept complaints made through the appropriate channels, through your school or club coordinator. 

If your still have questions please get in touch via email on