Notice is given of the 2024 Netball Hutt Valley Centre Incorporated Annual General Meeting (AGM).  The AGM will take place

  • Tuesday 12th March, 2024
  • 6:00 pm
  • Netball Hutt Valley Pavilion, 28 Taine St, Taitā

The agenda will be:

  • Welcome
  • Apologies
  • Confirmation of Minutes of 2023 AGM
  • Annual Report of Netball Hutt Valley
  • Election of Officers and Executive Committee
  • Items of General Business
  • Service Awards.

Supper will be provided.

The form for delegates, Officer and Executive Nominations and General Business, including alterations to the Constitution is below.

Prior to the AGM at 5pm we will be holding a school information session.  At this we will cover off Sporty registration queries and discussions on new rules and how they will be applied to our Year 1-8 players.  Attendance at this and the AGM is highly encouraged, especially for any new netball coordinators. We will be able to answer all your school queries at that meeting.

After our AGM at 7pm we will be holding our first 2024 new rules roll out session.  It is compulsory that each senior club has a representative attending this session. This will ensure ALL are aware of the new rules, how we will apply them and what is needed to be completed by every player prior to playing this season. This is open to all players, coaches and clubs and it is recommended that as many as possible attend this 7pm session which Gareth Fowler will help present.