Game Day Umpiring Information 


  • Teams are required to supply their own umpire(s) in year 5 & 6, year 7 & 8, and lower graded senior teams. 
  • If your club/school team umpire is unavailable on the day you can approach the HVNUA to see if they have anyone available to help. There will be a cost involved. 
  • If your umpire is missing at the start of the game, you will be required to take a player off the court who will be responsible for umpiring the whole game. This umpire cannot be changed, even if the umpire arrives late. 
  • Team short of players or late: If you do not have 5 players when the bell rings for the start of the round, then inform the teams that the late team has 1 minute to arrive. If after 1 minute that team is still short of players you will award the game to the opposing team. The team who did not turn up will be fined the Late Default Fee, please return to the office and advise staff of the Late Default which will be recorded via My Netball Manager. 
  • Team has 5 players, then one gets taken off (for example to be the umpire) : record the default as ‘insufficient players’ and advise the office staff
  • Team of 5 players has an injury leaving only 4 players: - no late default fee, record the default as ‘default due to injury’ and advise the office staff


  • Please make sure you arrive with enough time to get sorted prior to match starting. 
  • Make sure you have a whistle and something to help you know whose centre pass it is (hair tie, ring etc.). Whistles can be purchased from the office from $10. 
  • Wear clothing that is a different colour to the teams on court. Qualified umpires are required to wear their umpiring uniforms. 
  • We have our umpire high-viz vests available for umpires to wear during their game. These are available from the office on game day. 

Checking the team

  • No jewellery shall be worn (no taping earrings) 
  • Check to make sure all players nails are short and smooth
  • If a player is not ready to start on the whistle, they will need to wait on the sideline for a goal to be scored before they can enter prior to the next centre pass


  • Injury time is 30 seconds, in which the injured player must leave the court. This position can either be replaced or left vacant for injured player to return after treatment. 
  • For serious injuries which require medical attention please advise office staff immediately and stop the game. If injured person is unable to move the game may be relocated to another court (office staff to advise of process). 

Conduct Issues

  • If players, supporters, or team management become aggressive, send someone for support from the office or umpires room. 
  • Netball Hutt Valley have a zero tolerance policy to sports rage and poor behaviour. 
  • Issues are better to be dealt with at the time of the incident rather than retrospectively. 
  • Please refer to umpire rule book in regards to team penalties and sanctions of a player/ team. 
  • Games shall not be called off unless officials have been called to help and it is the last resort. A report will need to be filed with NHV in this instance. 

My Netball Manager: 

Make sure you have downloaded the app from Apple or Play Store "MyNetballManager". Register as a user and enter your teams score code. The score code is available at our office if you do not have access to this prior to attending your game. 

You will still need to register at the office so our convenor knows all teams are at their courts and ready to start the games on time. All games will start and finish on the centralised hooter. Teams are required to register at the office at least 15 minutes before the start time. 

Both teams will need to provide a scorer and stand beside each other (outdoors), or sit at the scorebench (indoors) for the duration of the game. 

New to umpiring helpful hints

  • Introduce yourself to the other umpire - you are a team, and you will be required to work together cohesively to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all involved in the game. 
  • Umpire to your right of the court from the centre circle to the goal line. You will also have control over throw-ins which happen on your full sideline (inluding obstructions at a throw-in). 
  • Umpires don't change sides at the end of a quarter/half - teams will change ends at each break. 
  • If a goal is scored at your end, you will blow the whistle for the next centre pass.
  • Players are responsible for getting back in time for the centre pass, you don’t need to wait (for example) for the WA to get back on-side.
  • The lines are part of the court, so a player’s foot may be on the line. If it is over the line, even by a teeny bit, then they are out of court or offside.
  • The ball may bounce off the goalpost and be caught and then a shot may be taken. Players may not use the goal post for support, or move it.
  • Sanctions [Penalties] (for obstruction, contact, contact with the ball, moving the post causing the shot to miss) are awarded to a team, so that team can choose which player takes it
  • During a Penalty Pass/Shot the infringing player must stand to the side and away and not move or speak until the ball is released.
  • Free passes are awarded for other infringements (stepping, off-side, held ball etc.) and no player has to stand down.
  • Be courteous and consistent with your calls and penalise with a smile! Blow your whistle loud and be confident in your call - you may not always get it right, but teams will appreciate your effort more so.